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Saar Enterprises is a leading organization at the forefront of Basmati Rice and other Agro Commodity Exports from India. The Top Management team of the company has decades of rich and extensive experience of the Global Rice markets and understands the constantly evolving needs of the trade and the consumers alike. The overriding philosophy of the company is to ensure value addition to the customers business by offering products and services at an incomparable value. Trust and integrity are at the base of every single decision taken by the organization. A complete range of Rices are offered by the company both in its own brands as well as Buyers’ Brands. The company works with world class Rice milling and processing systems to ensure that the Rice produced and packed complies to the highest standards of Quality worldwide. Currently SAAR exports Basmati Rice and other Agri Products to customers in Middle East, Europe, USA and Africa.

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For a long time finished dairy products has been relying heavily on import. Recently there has been a lot of investment in the dairy sector. Dairy farm is a core agricultural venture with big demand supply gap and space for adding value in the product chain. With its experience in agro value addition, Golden Harvest has started a state of the art dairy farm in Gowainghat, Sylhet.

Responding to Change

Our greatest strength is our commitment to sharing ideas and strategies across practice groups, marshalling our expertise to arrive at the best & most comprehensive solutions for our clients. Ever since, rapid response to shifts in the retirement and health care policy paradigm has been our calling card.

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At agronix we are passionate about supporting the financial cooperative movement that currently improves the lives of hundreds of millions of people worldwide.

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